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IG Accounts |The account has about 250 followers. (Followers are delivered through mutual followers and bots). Email address is included in the package(original). Account is empty (no posts, no profile picture etc.).

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  • Instagram accounts are registered automatically.
  • The account has about 250 followers. Followers are delivered through mutual followers and bots.
  • Email could not be verified, but the email address is included in the package and you can confirm it for yourself. The email is original.
  • Account is empty (no posts, no profile picture etc.).


  • Any Instagram account can request verification through SMS. This is considered normal. You can verify the account using your number or SMS-activation  services.

Format of accounts(one of the options, if there is):

  • login:password:login from email address:password from email address

Рекомендации к покупке:
-при работе с аккаунтами используйте прокси
-сначала купите небольшое количество аккаунтов(до 10) и протестируйте их
-узнать возраст Instagram аккаунта можно по этой ссылке
-узнать, оригинальная/родная ли у аккаунта почта или нет, можно по этой ссылке
-рекомендации по использованию аккаунтов: рекомендации
-при помощи каких сервисов можно работать с аккаунтами: подборка

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